7 positive affirmations for success that will help you stay grounded and focused. 

 November 25, 2022

Written by Yemisi Iyilade, Project Management Consultant, Scientist & Innovation Expert.

Positive affirmations for success are one way that project and team leaders can keep themselves focused while working on their goals and objectives.

They are designed to help program your brain with positive images that will support your success. Whether you say them out loud or just repeat them to yourself, a positive attitude can help start your day off on the right foot.

Declaring what you are, who you can serve, and how you want to be seen can help keep you on track. You can reprogram your brain using repetitions that will support your success, because the more you reflect on positive words, the more likely you are to act in accordance with them.

Here are 7 affirmations for success that can help get you started!

What are the 7 affirmations for success that can help me stay focused on Projects?

affirmations for success

When you’re feeling down, it can be tough to stay focused on your goals. But what if you had a set of positive statements that you could rely on to help you stay grounded and focused?

The power of positive affirmation is real, and project managers can use them to stay focused and achieve success. By declaring what you are, who you will serve, and how you want to be seen, you set the tone for your work and keep yourself on track.

First affirmation: “With my skills and determination I will excel at this project.”

It’s important to understand your “why” before you begin any project. Your “why” is the reason behind your actions – it’s what drives you to keep going, even when things get tough.

This “why” could be anything from wanting to improve your self-esteem to wanting to make the world a better place. Once you know your “why,” it will be easier to stay motivated and see your project through to completion because you can easily tap into a reserve of positive energy that will help you overcome challenges and stay focused on your goals.

Do you understand your “Why”

  • What is your motivation for seeing it through to the end?
  • Why are you working on this project in the first place?

Before using this affirmation, create a “why” for yourself to refer back to when doubtful thoughts crop up. This will help keep you motivated.

Second affirmation: “I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to do.”

A major key to success is having the right mindset. A lot of people try to take on too much at once and get overwhelmed which causes them to give up. With project delivery, we have learned that it is important to break goals down into small, manageable pieces to help team members focus on prioritized activities, one at a time.

So, set realistic goals, and start to break your goals down into small, manageable pieces that you can focus on, one at a time. Then when this is done, you will feel capable of managing your team’s expectations and achieving your goals.

Doing this will help you understand what you’re capable of, and what can overwhelm you. Having confidence in your affirmations comes after setting honest goals for yourself.

Third affirmation: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better at my goals.”

Constantly improving ourselves is what we all want, and it starts with our thoughts. When you’re trying to make a change, it can be helpful to recite your desire out loud or to write them down.

The key to success is having positive words in your consciousness at all times. By repeating affirmations for success to yourself every morning, throughout the day, or whenever you need a pick-me-up, you’ll be on the right track.

If your goal is to get better daily, saying this statement will help you to believe in yourself, and your success and utilize your time. Inspire success within yourself, so that you can begin to change your mindset and achieve your goals.

Fourth affirmation: “I am worthy of love and respect because I am reliable.”

By setting aside specific times for working towards your goals, you can stay on track and avoid getting sidetracked by other commitments. Additionally, writing down your schedule helps to hold you accountable and makes it more likely that you will stick to it.

Of course, life can sometimes get in the way of even the best-laid plans. So, if you find yourself veering off course, try repeating this positive affirmation to yourself, I am worthy of love and respect because I am reliable. This will bring your brain to remember your commitment to the work or project.

But you must start by first, creating a schedule for yourself and stick to it as best as you can. This will help keep you accountable and on track.

Fifth affirmation: “I deserve breaks when I need them because I am grateful for all the good in my life.”

As a project manager or team leader, it’s easy to get caught up in work and push yourself too hard, but it’s important to remember to take breaks when you need them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, taking some time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate is not a bad thing, because you deserve breaks and you are grateful for your life.

This can mean taking a few minutes to step away from your work and do something calming, like reading or taking a walk. Or, if you have more time, you could take a day or two off to focus on taking care of yourself. Once you’ve taken some time for yourself, you’ll be able to come back to your project with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

Success is about the mindset; affirmations for success can help you create the mindset you need to achieve your goals. So don’t forget to give yourself a break when you need it. Your results will prove it in the end!

Sixth affirmation: “I am surrounded by love and support; I will get help when I need it.”

We all face challenges and obstacles, both big and small, sometimes, we need a little help to get through them. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, admitting that you need help is a sign of strength, because it takes courage to ask for help, and it shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Asking for help because you need it, means you understand that you’re surrounded by people that love and support you. When you reach out to others for help, you open yourself up to new possibilities and positive energy. This can help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help from others. If you’re stuck on something, reach out to someone who can help guide you in the right direction.

After all, no one ever said that being a leader or manager will be easy. This is why this is one of my best affirmations, whenever I encounter a roadblock, I am able to affirm to myself that I am surrounded by love and support, and that I will get help because I need it.

Seventh affirmation: “I am open to constructive feedback because I am willing to become my best self”

When faced with any challenge, having an attitude of belief in yourself and your abilities will keep you motivated and inspired to reach your goals. With the right mindset and an openness to feedback, you will learn more about yourself and how you can better reach your goals.

Our mindset controls everything we do because our actions are based on our beliefs and these, in turn, come from our thoughts. So, when you’re open to constructive feedback, it means you’re willing to become your best self.

Having success on projects and becoming a better leader requires having the confidence to believe in yourself and your own capabilities.


What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements, phrases, or positive thoughts that focus on a desired outcome or goal. They are used as a way to motivate yourself and create lasting change in your life.

They help you to stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals by changing the way you think about yourself and your capabilities. By repeating these statements over and over again, you will begin to believe them more deeply and take action toward making them come true. You will also be able to kill the negative beliefs.

Why Are Positive Affirmations Important? ( How affirmations for success can bring out a Positive Attitude)

One of the most important benefits of using affirmations for success is that they can help you manage your stress levels during difficult times or challenging projects. When facing a stressful situation, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with negative thoughts that may lead to feelings of anxiety or depression.

But if you are able to remember a positive affirmation, you can consciously choose to focus on words that inspire confidence and resilience within you. This helps shift your mindset from fear and doubt into optimism and hope, which will help keep you motivated even in the face of adversity.

Another reason why affirmations for success are so powerful is that they can help build self-esteem. Every time we repeat an affirmation, we are essentially telling ourselves that we have the ability to achieve whatever it is we set our minds to do – no matter how impossible it may seem at first glance.

This consistent recognition of our own capabilities helps us build up our self-confidence over time, which makes us more likely to take risks or pursue opportunities that could have otherwise been too intimidating for us before.

Do Success affirmations work?

Yes, they do.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for creating success in life and career. They are simple statements that you repeat to yourself with the intention of changing your mindset and making positive changes.

More than just feel-good mantras, affirmations can actually manifest real change in your life if you make them part of your daily routine. Start exploring some affirmations for success, to help you grow in your career or get your dream job and dream life.

Final Thoughts

Success is attainable for any project, but most times it takes the right decision to see the expected results. Success affirmations can help to strengthen your mind and belief in your goals, at the same time help to ward off negative thoughts that may stand in the way of achieving success.

They can be an incredibly useful tool when striving for success both personally and professionally. They can help manage stress levels during difficult times while also building up self-esteem which leads to greater confidence in taking risks or pursuing opportunitiesm that could bring great rewards down the line.

Making sure to repeat these affirmations for success often, even when things seem difficult, will give you the assurance you need to take on any project with the confidence that you can achieve success. These success affirmations can completely dominate your negative feelings. Miracles happen for those who keep a positive mindset.

Ready to increase your chances for a successful life? What affirmation speaks most to you? Try incorporating them into your daily routine to help keep you motivated. Make them your morning affirmations. It is important to always focus on creating positive thinking in everything you do, including working on projects.

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Yemisi Iyilade

Yemisi Iyilade is a Project Management Professional, PMP and Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer. She has worked in the environmental, nonprofit, and technology industries, developing new products and services, providing leadership, and facilitating meaningful engagement with stakeholders. Yemisi is driven by a mission to empower young people, women, and immigrant professionals through content delivery, coaching and training. She believes that if given the right tools and tactics, any motivated person can gain the awareness and grit needed to create better opportunities.


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