5 Strategies for Building Relationships in the Workplace 

 December 13, 2022

Written by Yemisi Iyilade, Project Management Consultant, Scientist & Innovation Expert.

Are you looking to strengthen connections with the people around you? The benefits of building relationships in the workplace are many, as you strive for growth and success, it is essential to be mindful of your actions, your surroundings, and how you make people feel.

This will allow you to make more meaningful contributions either as a leader or part of a team while developing an ever-increasing awareness of the world around you. The importance of forming strong relationships cannot be understated when it comes to furthering your career.

However, that’s not the only benefit – cultivating meaningful connections allows us the opportunity to enrich one another’s lives too. Ultimately, developing healthy relationships is a key factor in leading a happy and fulfilling life.

In this article, we will discuss five ways that you can build better relationships with the people around you and most especially in the workplace.

What are the 5 strategies for Building Relationships in the Workplace

Relationships are essential in the workplace, both professionally and personally. Whether you’re in a leadership role or an individual contributor, building connections with those around you is key to success.

Establishing relationships can help you develop connections to grow your career, as well as help you add value to others. Here are five tips for building relationships at work.

1. Connect on a personal level.

It can be tough to find the time to get to know your co-workers on a personal level. Co-workers are important, but we all know that it’s hard to really open up around people we see every day or work with. We’re worried about what they’ll think of us and if we’ll seem like a weirdo.

Taking the time out for a quick chat can help break the ice and make it easier for everyone to connect in the future. You don’t have to talk about work, either – just chat about their favorite TV show or ask them about their weekend plans.

As humans, we’re always attracted to someone who takes the time to listen and understand us rather than just jump in and try to prove they know everything. Listen more than you talk. This helps build trust and understanding between colleagues and makes it easier to collaborate in the future.

2. Build credibility by being consistent in delivering quality results.

You need to be able to deliver quality results on time, and every time. Delivering quality work is essential for any business, but it’s hard to do when you’re always under pressure to meet deadlines.

Build credibility by being consistent in delivering quality results. When you can be counted on to get the job done right, people will start coming to you for tasks that need to be completed quickly and effectively. This is one way to reach out and build lasting relationships with others.

Consistency gives people confidence that they can rely on you and trust you with tasks that need to be completed quickly and effectively.

3. Learn how to coach or mentor others

Being present for the people we work with is vital, but figuring out how to be there isn’t always simple. It’s often difficult to find the right words or offer tangible support during challenging times.

Offering guidance and mentorship to someone who is struggling with their task can be one of the most gratifying experiences. By providing them encouragement or feedback, you are communicating that they have your support and you can help them improve their leadership ability – no matter what challenges may arise.

Be willing to mentor or coach others who may be struggling with tasks or need help developing new skills. Show genuine interest in what they have going on in their lives, and make sure they know that you care about them as a person, not just a work colleague or client.

4. Give compliments when due

Giving compliments is one of the simplest and most effective ways of showing appreciation, and it costs nothing!

People need to feel appreciated in order for them to give their best effort. It’s not always easy to know what to say when someone does a great job, but failing to give compliments can make people feel devalued and discouraged.

By radiating positive energy and encouragement, you will always be a desired companion. Be an inspiring presence in the lives of those around you by offering uplifting words or actions when needed!

Taking the time to recognize and reward good work will create a culture of appreciation that motivates people, boosts morale, and encourages excellence.

Make it your mission to give out genuine compliments whenever they’re deserved – you’ll be surprised by how much more effective people become (especially team members) when they know their efforts are valued!

5. Ask meaningful questions

Team meetings can often feel like a waste of time, especially when the same old topics are brought up and everyone just drones on.

It’s hard to feel engaged in team meetings when you’re not sure what’s important. You don’t want to seem clueless by asking too many questions, but you also don’t want to miss out on key information by not speaking up at all.

Asking meaningful questions is the key to being an active participant in team meetings. By showing that you care about the discussion and want to generate trust and deeper connections, you’ll be seen as a valuable member of the team.

Also as the facilitator of a meeting, it’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone has the chance to contribute. To create meaningful conversation when leading a meeting, you can start by posing thought-provoking questions to get the discussion going.

Fully engage in team meetings; demonstrate your interest and ambition by either asking questions or expressing your ideas. This will show you are eager to contribute and make a difference.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to be known, liked, and trusted by the people around you? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t want to?

Everyone wants to be known, liked, and trusted as a person in their professional environment, so it is important for us all to take steps toward creating strong relationships with our co-workers through meaningful interactions and thoughtfulness.

To achieve build meaningful relationships in both your private and professional life, there are a few straightforward strategies that can be incredibly effective. Displaying interest when engaged in conversations, coaching and mentoring others, expressing gratitude when deserved, as well as asking thought-provoking questions all help to cultivate meaningful relationships with those you work with.

Taking the initiative to show gratitude and faith in others requires minimal effort but can dramatically increase contentment and productivity within the workplace. By displaying kindness, appreciation, and trust for your colleagues at work, you will be able to foster a positive working environment that encourages excellence and authenticity.

Take an interest in other people’s lives and make sure they know it. These tips should give you some insight into how best to build relationships in the workplace, allowing everyone involved to benefit from stronger bonds!

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Yemisi Iyilade

Yemisi Iyilade is a Project Management Professional, PMP and Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer. She has worked in the environmental, nonprofit, and technology industries, developing new products and services, providing leadership, and facilitating meaningful engagement with stakeholders. Yemisi is driven by a mission to empower young people, women, and immigrant professionals through content delivery, coaching and training. She believes that if given the right tools and tactics, any motivated person can gain the awareness and grit needed to create better opportunities.


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