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Yemisi Iyilade


CEO and Founder - Yemisi Iyilade

Address: 3068 Eighth Line, Oakville

Cell: 306-715-8575


Our Mission – Boosting capabilities and transforming relationships or organizations by valuing people and creating a culture of accountability and growth.

We strive to inspire managers, individuals, and organizations to expand their capacity using a co-design approach and data analytics to determine areas of improvement and establish targeted action priorities for innovation and growth.

Team Development and Professional Growth

  1. Facilitate discovery sessions to clarify team members’ deliverables.
  2. Conduct project planning sessions to identify work plans.
  3. Create a plan to communicate project goals and timelines.
  4. Provide group coaching and ongoing training for support.
  5. One-on-one coaching to remove roadblocks and limiting beliefs.

Workplace Innovation

  1. Establish (SMART) goals for growth and innovation in the workplace.
  2. Identify a working group of champions to develop, design and guide the survey questions.
  3. Implement and roll out a survey to gather baseline data and insights to action on.
  4. Develop a power BI interactive dashboard to visualize and measure KPIs
  5. Analyze data to identify recommendations and areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning and Process Development

  1. Work with the leadership team to identify strategic priorities to focus on.
  2. Conduct discovery sessions to identify the processes that are causing delays, errors, and or are challenging.
  3. Create a process map that outlines the steps involved in the current process, including inputs, outputs, and decision points.
  4. Redesign the process to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline workflows, and improve quality.
  5. Provide training and support to ensure that everyone understands the new process and can use it effectively.


Key Clients/Industries Served

Key Clients: We work with organizations looking to improve workplace engagement to stay competitive in their respective markets. Our clients may include CEOs, CTOs, COOs, HR leaders, People development managers, and other executives who are responsible for driving innovation and growth within their organizations. Additionally, we may also work with individual managers and professionals who are looking to enhance their leadership skills and drive innovation within their teams.

Industry Served: Our business focuses on leadership development and innovation; therefore, we can serve various industries that require leadership development and innovation to thrive, including technology, healthcare, finance, non-profits, education, and retail.


  • 611430 – Professional development training
  • 541611 – Strategic planning consulting services
  • 541612 – Organization development consulting services
  • 541611 – Business management consulting services
  • 611430 – Continuing education training, online (through a website or mobile application)
  • 541611 – General management consulting services
Certifications/Professional Affiliations
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Our Social and Community Programs

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - We have implemented environmentally-friendly practices in the workplace and we encourage employee volunteerism. 
  • Sustainability Involvement - We support environmental conservation efforts through partnerships with non-profits and or provides donations
  • Diversity Inclusion - We partner with diverse suppliers and vendors 

Geographical Area(s) Served

 Local      Provincial         National       International