What are some team meeting Ideas for leading a productive meeting? 

 December 29, 2022

Written by Yemisi Iyilade, Project Management Consultant, Scientist & Innovation Expert.

Are you looking for fresh ways to make your team meetings more effective and efficient? There are lots of team meeting ideas and tips that help to move projects forward. Team meetings don’t always have to be boring or unproductive.

A lot of project managers struggle with getting the most out of their meetings, but there are other ways to make them more effective. If you want your team meetings to be more productive, then you need to focus on better collaboration techniques.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 innovative strategies that will help you get the most out of each meeting

5 tips to make your team meetings more productive and collaborative

If you’re feeling frustrated with team meetings that don’t seem to be productive, you’re not alone. Team meetings are essential for getting everyone on the same page, addressing concerns, and moving projects forward.

Most of the time as project manager or leader, you are the meeting facilitator. Your job is to keep things moving along according to the agenda and ensure that everyone in the meeting is participating actively.

Improve the efficacy and collaboration among your group by incorporating these 5 tips for successful team meetings

1. Keep meetings relevant to your audience.

If you want to keep your team engaged in the meeting, make sure that the topics are relevant to them. This means discussing things that will directly impact their work or that they’re interested in. If you’re not sure what to discuss, ask for suggestions from team members beforehand.

Start by defining the purpose and desired outcomes of the meeting upfront. What will happen as a result of the meeting? What action, change, or results do we expect? What series of steps do we need to take in the meeting to inevitably lead us to achieve our given outcome? Knowing the answer to these questions will help keep everyone focused and on track.

2. Focus on the planned outcomes of the meeting.

Before the meeting starts, make sure you know what the planned outcomes are supposed to be. This way, you can keep the discussion focused and on track toward those goals. If necessary, appoint someone to be responsible for making sure that each discussion stays relevant to the outcome goals.

3. Focus on individual experience.

When leading a meeting, it’s important to remember that every team member is unique and has their own individual experiences and perspectives to contribute. This means that you should focus on open communication and collaboration, rather than trying to control the conversation.

Encourage team members to share their thoughts and ideas freely so that everyone can benefit from different perspectives. This will help ensure that everyone is engaged and contributing meaningfully.

4. Record action items and document decisions agreed upon.

After each discussion, make sure to record any action items or decisions that were made. Take time to document decisions agreed upon and action items assigned. At the end of every productive meeting, there should be a clear understanding of what needs to be done next and who is responsible for doing it.

By taking the time to document these decisions, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road. This way, everyone will be clear on what needs to be done after the meeting ends. These notes can be shared with team members via emails or an online project management tool like Trello or Asana

Furthermore, if there are follow-up discussions needed, schedule those as well so everyone knows when they need to reconvene. Nothing bogs down productivity quite like having 7 different conversations going on without clear direction or purpose.

5. Follow up after the meeting with an email summarizing what was discussed and agreed upon.

This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and provide a record of what was accomplished during the meeting.

By following these simple tips, you can turn your team meetings from time-wasting disasters into productive collaborative sessions that move your organization forward. Try them out at your next team gathering!

Wrapping Up

Following these tips will boost the performance of team meetings are ensure productivity and collaboration. By keeping things focused and organized, you’ll be able to get more done in less time. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Team meetings are a necessary part of any business. They provide an opportunity for team members to come together and collaborate on projects, share ideas, and resolve any issues that may have arisen.

However, not all team meetings are created equal. Some team meetings are more productive than others. I always try to engage everyone on my team by asking them direct questions at the meeting or setting up a check-in after the meeting for a one-on-one session. As a project leader, your goal should always be to get all stakeholder’s opinions and needs.


What are the different types of team meetings?

Strategic team meetings are essential to the success of any project, offering a dynamic platform for creative collaboration and problem-solving. There are several types of team meeting ideas that an innovating and positive leader should consider when constructing their meeting agenda.

For instance, “stand-up” meetings allow for quick communication & decision-making as well as keeping within time limits. Additionally, working groups or brainstorming sessions are beneficial for generating innovative ideas in a hands-on collective atmosphere.

Also, retrospective or recap meetings enable the team to review what has been accomplished, discuss important topics, and crosscheck tasks that need to be completed moving forward.

As a project leader, finding the perfect meeting type that will produce successful results always requires thoughtful consideration and collaboration with your team. Different contexts result in differing desired outcomes, so consult with those you lead to determine which course of action is most likely to generate success.

How do I run better team meetings?

Running successful team meetings can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. When setting up and running efficient meetings, there are a few key steps that should be taken in order to ensure the discussions are productive and meaningful.

Here are my top tips for running better team meetings:

  1. make an agenda.
  2. assign roles and set a timeline for each agenda item.
  3. have one clear goal or purpose in mind each time you meet.
  4. attach any relevant document that would be needed for discussion in the meeting to the agenda sheet or project folder.
  5. provide support as needed and document decisions/ideas/action items during the meeting.

Taking these steps will help keep your team focused and organized so you can get the most out of each meeting. During the meeting, allow everyone to share their ideas while ensuring they stick to the topic at hand by setting goals and milestones.

Remember also to send follow-up notes after the meeting to recap key decisions that were made or tasks that need to be done so everyone can be held accountable.

What are some team meeting ideas to inspire motivation?

Keeping teams motivated during team meetings can seem like a daunting task, however, there are several innovative and successful leadership tactics that project leaders can use to guarantee successful results.

Firstly, setting the right tone is important – establishing an environment that allows mutual respect and collaboration while ensuring clear objectives for the meeting will go a long way in providing focus and direction.

Secondly, starting the meeting with small talks and introducing fun elements such as games or icebreakers help open up the discussion and inspire conversations out of the box. The objective here isn’t about powering on through complex tasks but rather allowing each team member to step out of their comfort zone.

Thirdly, strive to ensure recognition is given where due – ask team members to share what went right on a project or initiative and recognize their growth and learning opportunities. This will inspire the rest of the group to know that their efforts have value.

Keeping these tips in the forefront of your mind, team meetings can become a source of inspiration, uplifting effective communication, and motivation for all participants!

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Yemisi Iyilade

Yemisi Iyilade is a Project Management Professional, PMP and Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer. She has worked in the environmental, nonprofit, and technology industries, developing new products and services, providing leadership, and facilitating meaningful engagement with stakeholders. Yemisi is driven by a mission to empower young people, women, and immigrant professionals through content delivery, coaching and training. She believes that if given the right tools and tactics, any motivated person can gain the awareness and grit needed to create better opportunities.


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